Undercover Investigations

Undercover investigations are critical for thoroughly and effectively resolving difficult to investigate situations such as theft, substance abuse or other forms of serious employee misconduct of your workplace. Our team will be put together and deployed to answer all your difficult questions. They will be placed in a position that allows mobility and access to any suspected situation regarding your employees. Undercover work can be vital research component in cases ranging from fraud and embezzlement to workers fraud. Our team will be facing the same circumstances of your employees, trained properly on our procedures to work for your objectives and reach your goals in a time frame that depends on the complexity of your case.  At CBPI, we work closely with our corporate clients by reducing the effect of our investigations and preventing the risk of repeated problems in the future.

All the issues will be executed with an extreme attention to the accuracy and details of its’ case. Your best guarantee of success will be definitely our priority, handled by a comprehensive and ethical matter.

Undercover investigations may include:

  • Body wires,
  • Tracking systems,
  • High powered remote viewing equipment
  • Hidden surveillance cameras.

Some Advance Undercover Techniques Include:

  • Acoustical leakage.
  • Non-linear junction’s inspections
  • X-ray imaging, thermal imaging
  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment for “acoustic leakage detection” services

Locate and neutralize complete range of devices including “baby monitors” and wireless microphones, audio/video transmitters, even devices in a “non-operating” mode, and others.

  • Assess weaknesses of all locks, alarms, and security systems.
  • Create, implement and maintain preventative plan to protect against future security breaches.

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