Counter- surveillance service is for the protection of your privacy, assets and intelligence from hostile surveillance.

At CBPI, counter-surveillance can be implemented in response to a part of ongoing security program. They are ethical, discrete, proportional and most important tailored to your needs.

Our professionals use the very latest  techniques to counter threat posed by the most sophisticated electronic eavesdropping devices:

  • Phone tapping
  • Computer hacking, or the installation of spyware on a computer
  • Following or “tailing” someone
  • Planting audio or video feeds in a home, office, or car

We will arrange a covert site visit to review floor plans of the target area and discuss the required measures with you. Our professional bug inspections and risk assessments will unveil any threats posed by covert surveillance devices.

There are many reasons that someone may wish to put you under surveillance, but if you are being surveyed, it is a major violation of your privacy that could cause serious damage to your personal life, your business, or your finances. If it is the case, you may need to take aggressive counter-surveillance actions.

At CBPI, we will determine if there are any bugs, find out if you are tailed, and locate where the surveillance is coming from.

Our private investigators are specially trained in surveillance and counter-surveillance investigations. During your investigations a PI may:

  • Run background checks
  • Determine if bugs have been planted, and by whom
  • Use computer forensics to find and eliminate any spyware or other malware.
  • Conduct additional services depending on the case

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